Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 2016 at JUG Lodz

February started with a lecture from Tomasz Dziurko ( about recruitment in IT.

The presentation gave developers richer perspective on how their actions are being seen by companies they are want to join. And beside regular JUG participants we could some new faces from local "HR Industry" :)


Two weeks later we had a chance to listen to a very interesting topic of Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. In the more and more distributed world problem of data consistency materializes more and more in day-to-day work of every developer.

The presentation was brought to us by two guests from abroad : Dmitry Ivanov ( and Nami Nasserazad­ (

Ascii Doc

It is easier to implement solution when you know the requirements :) So we had a chance to see a great presentation about very interesting tool AsciiDoc which allows us to create very convenient documentation and track all Changes.

And this knowledge was brought to us by Jakub Marchwicki (

Functional Programming Workshops

Also in February we had w chance to participate in two workshops about Functional Programming conducted by Paweł Włodarski (

What's in March

  • Łuaksz Zajaczkowski already told us about OpenStack so he will make appearance in the next episode :)
  • On March 10th Kamil Porembiński is going to perform a presentation about Architecture Meetup - 12 rules of Architecture
  • And the main event of March will be full day workshop conducted by Jarek Pałka and Tomek Borek: Architecture Kata on Meetup