Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy New Year - January 2016 @ JUG Lodz

Modularity and OSGI

We started 2016 by having a chance to listen an interesting lecture from true IT Industry veteran - Milen Dynkov ( Milen spoke about many good ways of achieving modualarity in the project and later during great live demo shown practical implementation of his concepts with usage of OSGI.

You can watch the full presentation here :

Learning Functional Programming

Next week we switched to Functional Programming theory and a question - what is the best way to learn this approach? Paweł Włodarski ( described some practical and theoretical aspects of FP - but just by listening FP can not be mastered - that's why soon a full cycle of FP workshops will take place in the city of Lodz - material for the first one is ready FP in Java8 - workshop 1 material

Back to reality - Java memory model

In the last week of January Tomek Borek ( brought us back to earth with his great presentation about Java Memory Model where he described with many details how physical architecture influences computations and our daily work.

What next

When I'm writing those wrods Tomek Dziurko has already performed his presentation about recruitment in IT and on February 16 we had a chance to see two great presenters from Tomtom : After their presentation on JUG Lodz Dmitry and Nami are going directly to Lambda Days conference where they also perform as presenters.

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