Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April with a broad range of technologies @ JUG Lodz

April was a very intensive month in JUG Lodz. We had some guests from outside our city who performed very interesting presentation and exciting workshop on some new technologies. We also had some presentations made by our local specialists and generally the range of topics was so broad that you could find something interesting about deployments, programming and domain modeling.


On April 7th we had something what was not seen on JUG for a while - two presentations at the same day! First was Łukasz Zajączkowski who has shown us how easily you can create your own cluster with Kubernetes.

In the next presentation Michał Balinski ( and Kuba Filipczak shared with us a lot of hints from their experience with every day use of Kubernetes.

So the "Kubernetes day" was full of interesting stuff to learn.

Java 8

On April 9th full day Java8 workshops was conducted by the winner of "JUG Lodz Best Presentation 2015" - Tomasz Nurkiewicz ( Tomasz had prepared a lot of interesting exercises which show participants whole range of new mechanisms introduced in Java8. You can find those exercises here :


In the middle of April we had a chance to listen about Akka directly form the source. Konrad Malawski ( first give us an introduction to reactive stream ecosystem...

... and the next day give practical workshops about Akka Streams so we had a chance to listen to many interesting stories about origins of some parts of this framework.

Java 8 Streams

Couple days later we had another interesting workshops where we could train knowledge powerful mechanisms added to Java8. Damian Warszawski( prepared a set of nice exercises on Java 8 Streams.


Next we dived into another useful area - cryptography. Marek Śmigielski explained many interesting nuances which you can came across when you are working in this area. We learn how secure or insecure are mechanism which we are using in our everyday life and how special production process tries to raise this safety.

Domain Driven Design

The last presentation in April was about Domain Driven Design and it was perfomed by Krzysztofa Muchewicz ( from Torun JUG. Krzysztof talked about holistic approach to creation of IT systems and how he uses DDD in his daily work.


In April we had some internal workshops where we could learn about functional programming in Java and Scala

And also we could participate in "Akka Introduction" workshops

What's Next

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