Sunday, December 6, 2015

November @ JUGLODZ - learning by deleting and communities cooperation

Global Day of Code Retreat

The main event in November on JUG Lodz was the Global Day Of Code Retreat workshop. This time we had a pleasure to have Adrian Bolboaca ( as a host.

Adrian gain a lot of experience by hosting Global Day of code retreat year after year all over the world and this time he shared his knowledge with JUG Lodz. You can check participant's opinions here --> Interviews after GBDC.. Interviews are in polish but all if you don't know polish language - everyone was more than HAPPPY:)

Cooperation between communities

A day before GDCR Adrian presented another topic titled "Legacy Code is Fear" where he explained how you can defend your code against erosion.

There was also one additional reason why this meeting was unique. For the first time we as a JUG had organized a meeting along with Dev@Lodz group ( & The idea was that each group invite one presenter so "our" speaker was Adrian and dev@Lodz invited Maciej Aniserowicz ( who spoke about CQRS.



We started this month with a presentation made by Damian Sińczak ( about AOP.

You can see the presentaiton here :


Piotr Kieszczyńs­ki ( has started a new cycle about Docker.


We also had a chance to listen about Ansible during a presentation prepared by Dominik Stożek (

And of course there is a presentation :


First of all Akka returned to JUG Lodz thanks to Robert Budźko ( This time we learned about akka persistence functionality

Haskell adventure continues thanks to Artur Czajka ( This time we understood the power of Type classes and magic of Functors

Finally we could learn more advanced features of Apache Spark's RDD thanks to Paweł Włodarski (

JUG Lodz on IT Fares

We gave also two presentation on a local IT Faires. First one was about Monad by Artur Czajka

Second one was an introduction to Apache Spark by Paweł Włodarski

Learn to teach - why just having a knowledge is not enough

There is a lot of very smart people in Lodz however being smart is not enough to share knowledge with community. You need also to have proper "pedagogical skills". That's why for the first time at JUG we had a chance to gain "meta knowledge" about sharing knowledge. Thanks to Marta Wachołek ( and Maciej Jabłoński ( JUG Members have a possibility to train their presentation skills during public speaking workshops.

What's next?

It is already December 6th when I'm writing this word so an excellent presentation about JVM internals prepared by Jarek Pałka already took place. Soon we will have another Haskell and Spark workshops, we will see Lambda Architecture and for the first time Security Workshops will be organized. Stay Tuned!

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