Sunday, September 27, 2015

Akka, Gradle and Spark – September 2015 @JUGLodz

After summer break – hungry for new knowledge – programmers community in Lodz started new season! The main topic of this month was “Akka framework” . Our first special guest was Arek Burduch ( from Touk ( who came to us from Warsaw to present his practical experience with Akka.

And one Week later – Cezary Draus ( did a presentation about Spock – a testing framework written in Groovy which is very expressive and can be easily used in Java Projects.

There is a famous quote from Confucius (at least THE INTERNET says it's from Confucius ;))

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

So on Jug Lodz we also had a chance to participate in practical workshops. First of all Robert Budźko ( organized workshops “Actors Fundamentals” which in very good (and practical) way explained to participants general pros and cons of Akka actor framework

Last workshop was prepared by Pawel Wlodarski ( - an introduction to BigData world with modern Apache Spark framework. We had a chance to understand Spark origins, general philosophy and it's place in BigData ecosystem.

What's next?

In October it will be Lódź JUGs pleasure to host the best speaker of Confitura 2015.! Tomasz Nurkiewicz will tell us about CompletableFutures and Java reactive programming principles. Few days later Functional programming Mothershop will visit Łódź! Artur Czajka is going to start series of Haskell workshops.

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