Thursday, September 10, 2015

Embrace the bleeding edge with JUG Lodz

“Learn or Die” - there is no industry to which this Edward Hess’s quote applies more than our dear Software Development. And while we all sometimes get tired of the pace at which software technology advances, remember: Staying behind is the greatest harm you can do to your career.

At JUG Lodz we infect people with a passion to technology, programming and self improvement. We believe our city is becoming a world-class source of brilliant engineers and it is only fair to help to facilitate and speed up this process.

What is JUG Lodz

Geography: Situated at almost exact geometrical center of Poland, Lodz is the country’s third largest city. It is the nexus of our JUG community’s activity, although our influence reaches far beyond the city borders.

Mission : Propagate modern education and technology.

When : Right now!

What can you expect?

Concurrency, CompletableFeatures in Java 8, Spock , Functional programming and many more interesting topics.

Moreover there will be many occasions to improve development skills during practical workshops. Everyone will be given a chance to gain knowledge about new “hot” technologies like Spark, Akka, Go or enrich technical knowledge by learning purely functional Haskell.

We will add new meeting to our meetup channel regularly (, so stay tuned and participate. “Software is eating the world” join us to celebrate it.

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