Sunday, November 1, 2015

October @JUGLodz - Java8,Java9,Haskell,Mongo and many more!

October was a very intensive month on JUG Lodz. We saw eight presentations (in total) and had a chance to participate in couple of workshops. There was a presentation about Java8, another even about Java9 and... no we did not have anything about java 10 :) We also had a chance to learn about practical use of mongoDB and dive into more abstract field of Monads theory.

CompletableFuture and Java8

We started with an excellent presentation conducted by the speaker of Confitura conference - Tomasz Nurkiewicz (@tnurkiewicz)

Tomek is writing a book about RxJava so if you are interested just follow his profile on twitter!

MongoDB and Java Developers

One week later Wiktor Sztajerowski @WSztajerowski showed us how Java developer can use MongoDB in his daily work.
Wictor is going to conduct some practical workshops about MonfoDB so if you are interested follow him on tweeter or check regularly JUG's channels.

Java 9 is coming

We started second half of October with great presentation about Java 9. Dominik Przybysz @alien11689 presented many new interesting features which are going to be introduced "After Java 8" like modern modularisation with project jigsaw or REPL similar to those already available in Scala, Clojure or Haskell.

Rise of Haskell Community

In October we witnessed birth of new "Functional" community grouped around very advanced and powerful language - Haskell. Artur Czajka @tr00per87 shown during his lecture that mathematics can be very useful in our practical daily work.
Beside standard lecture we also had chance to learn practical side of Haskell during BYOL Workshops


October ended with "JUGtober" - a mix of interesting presentations, beer and tasty food.
We had a chance to see a presentation made by Marcin Kowalski @marcinkowalski about Slick - quite new approach towards data layer in comparison to what we did with Hibernate for last 10 years
Next one was Michał Ostruszka @mostruszka - he presented his rich knowledge about all application layers in the presentation about modern validation mechanisms.
Third lecture enriched our knowledge about front end layer and the world of 1000 javascript frameworks - a spectacle by Kuba Waliński @kubawalinski
Last presentation was mine about Functional Programming.(PawelWlodarski)

What next? Akka, AOP, Haskell, CodeRetreat and DataScience

In November we are going to have a special guest - Adrian Bolboaca who accept our invitation to host this year's Global Day of Code Retreat event. GDCR will take place on Saturday 14th.

Data Science starts

Spark workshops were continued in October and in November - thanks to new group - Data Science Lodz it should gradually move from simple mechanical exercises on Spark towards solving real world analytic problems. Stay tuned!

How to contact us

If you want to present something on JUGLodz then just contact us :

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